Lawn Care

Lawn Committee

The lawn committee has 4 elements: Identify, Report, Verify, and Take Action.  ​Overview:  ​The lawn committee perimeters are to observe and monitor the quality of lawn cutting and general lawn care conditions in Carousel Cove and immediately report inadequacies of cutting including owner complaints to the CCHOA Property Manager.  Elements of the report should contain the nature of the general complaint and the name, address and specific owner complaint.  All identified problems should be communicated in writing by emailing Linda Hardwick

Procedure - The Lawn Committee:

  1. Will IDENTIFY ​​the overall lawn cutting appearance and individual owner problems with the current lawn service company.
  2. Will REPORT ​general lawn appearance and individual information to the property manager and the board via email.  Owner's complaints must include owner's name, property address and date of complaint.

The PROPERTY MANAGER:  ​​The property manager reports results to the board and may make recommendations.  

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